Monday, October 29, 2012


It’s early in the day and you're ready to start that big spray job on all of those cabinet doors. All of your spray equipment was cleaned after it’s last use, your M.L. Campbell finish product is all ready to go, so there’s nothing in the way of getting a great finish, or is there?

How about your air compressor, the compressor is the “lifeline” of the spray finish industry. It serves one main purpose; it “compresses air”. A two-stage, piston type compressor will typically deliver about four cubic feet per minute per horsepower, it can also deliver dirt, water and oil to those cabinet doors. These impurities in the air will cause loss of surface gloss, surface blemishes and poor adhesion of finishing materials and a finish product that you will not be proud of.

We recommend at the very least a air filter, a air filter will remove water and contaminants from the air. Piston type air compressors as they age will start to leak oil into the compressed air, a coalescer will remove oil and sub-micronic particles down to .01 microns. ( 1 micron is 1/25,400 of a inch). If you want to go all out you can install a desiccant dryer for the removal of uncondensed moisture, but in most cases a air filter will do the job.

If your not sure of what your filtering needs are, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Next month we’ll talk about when it’s time to replace the old girl, I’m talking about the air compressor, not the one who cooks your meals.

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